First time working with Linux networking namespaces for solving an issue where two networks, each with its own interface, were using the same IP subnet. Great mechanism which allows dealing with ev...
Another contribution to Telegraf - am I starting a chain?
First setup based on Terraform and Packer live on the Open Telekom Cloud! Terraform and Packer are a joy to work with and OTC support was really helpful to get Packer working! As it turns out, the ...
First - very small - contribution to Influx Telegraf. One less bug in the world 😅
Started working at RE: GmbH 😊 Really curios to learn how industry & automation IT work in comparison to desktop & cloud software!
Experimented with combining a Vert.x-based back-end with a Vue3-based front-end in one code base. Still a bit finicky but it works.
While setting up an arc42-based software documentation project, I stumbled on a bug in the Gatsby theme that I wanted to use. So I fixed it. Hurray Open Source! 🥳
Continuously improving my open source project keedrop.com. Now with favicon - programmers art... 😅
When my role-playing group had to move online because of the pandemic, I built a digital character sheet for Shadowrun 6.
Learned about using Wireshark to analyze USB traffic and wrote a tool to toggle the `Fn` key behaviour of my K290 keyboard on Linux.
Published some open-source code to work with PostgreSQL databases in JetBrains Exposed ORM.
Got interested in IOTA smart contracts, improved their documentation.